Illegitimate Children Part 1

Illegitimate Children Part I

This is a theological piece and uses words like ‘sin’ and 'fornicate.'

I know of a man conceived in adultery. His mother was single at the time, and his father was married to another woman. The children of the family were playing together one day when as a boy, he scowled and said, “There’s once word I hate worse than any other. ” The other kids said, “What’s that?”

He said “Bastard. ”

This boy was disliked by much of his family. He was the tangible representation of a moral failure. He had a hard life and died at age 38.

Judeo-Christian values teach against sex outside of marriage. Even so, many American don’t adhere to these teachings and they ‘fornicate’ or commit adultery. No matter the marital status of a heterosexual couple, sex makes babies. This causes a problem. These children, conceived out-of-wedlock, hear about these values taught in the Bible, and may assume that God doesn’t like them. This is logical, but incorrect. They may also think that people conceived in marriage have a right to be here, so God likes them more. Wrong again.

This article gives me the opportunity to talk about three of my favorite subjects; DNA science, history, and theology. Its purpose is to show that no one alive today really has a right to be here; that if we go far enough back into anyone’s family tree, we will find events that disqualify all of us as legitimate.

The whole ‘Bastard Theory’ is based on the premise that if the parents hadn’t sinned, the children would not have been born. This part is true. Then to be fair, we must apply this principle to every other action people can commit. If anyone does anything wrong and their actions facilitate a conception, then the resulting child should not have been born.

Since I’m white, let’s start with white people. White Australians have an interesting history. We believe that Australia was inhabited by aboriginal people until the English began to settle the island continent. Britain decided to use Australia for a prison. Between 1786 and 1868, some 165,000 offenders were shipped to Australia. These people were prisoners because someone sinned. Either the prisoners broke a legitimate rule, or they were arrested for breaking an unfair law, or were falsely accused and imprisoned. No matter the circumstances, they were there because someone sinned. These transplanted prisoners began to reproduce, either inside or outside of marriage; by passion, by commerce, or by rape. If everyone had done everything right, there would been no British prisoners sent to Australia, and therefore, no white Australians descended from British prisoners.

Now let’s look at the Jewish people. There was a man named Jacob, who was renamed Israel. He was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. These children were born because he had 2 wives, who each had a maid servant, whom the wives gave to Jacob for sex in a baby-making contest. Jacob had sex with all four women. Jacob crossed paths with these women because he and his mother conspired to cheat Jacob’s older brother out of his inheritance. Jacob had to flee to save his skin, and landed where these women lived. The tribe of Israel exists because Jacob, his mother, Jacob’s father-in-law and Jacob’s two wives each acted dishonorably at some point.

What about African-Americans? Slavery is a sin. What then of people that exist only because of slavery? There has long been a melancholy spirit in the African-American community. I suspect it exists partly because African-Americans understand that they exist only because someone abused their ancestors. Up to 60% of African-Americans have white blood, and may feel that white Americans don’t understand the turmoil this causes. One group of their ancestors enslaved another group of their ancestors.
         My bloodline is northern European. Family lore and research claims me to be Swede, Dane, Swiss, German and all of the British Isles; English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh. I am a Euro-mutt. The modern English people are descended from invaders of the islands. They used, abused, and repeatedly short-sheeted the original inhabitants of the island. I have mixed emotions about being part English. I exist partly because of the English, yet I don’t like how they treated my other isle ancestors.

What about Native American Indians? The circumstances are the same. Native American men, women and children were killed, survivors transposed to reservations and their children put in Indian boarding schools. They have also reproduced with other ethnicities. This has convoluted the American Indian gene pool to the point that today’s Indian population is a completely different group of people than would have been born if white man had never set foot on North American soil.

They share this thread with Latino people, who exist because conquistadors subjugated and interbred with their American Native ancestors. A Mexican professor once told my Spanish class “We are a nation of bastards. ” He said this because indigenous women were impregnated by conquistadores and the Mestizo race was born.

Now let’s look at children born through remarriage. There are two types of remarriage we will speak of here. The first is remarriage after the death of a spouse. Let’s pretend for a moment. December 1, 1941, Sailor Tom and his new bride Betty end their Thanksgiving marriage and honeymoon. He drops her off at her parents’ home in San Francisco, and then boards a ship bound for Pearl Harbor, where he is to report for duty. He boarded the USS Missouri on December 6, 1941. When the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, Sailor Tom never got off the ship. His new bride, Betty, is now a widow. She eventually heals somewhat and remarries. She and her second husband have four children. These four children and their descendants exist only because of the sins of Emperor Hirohito.

You would be amazed at how many people exist today only because of the actions of Emperor Hirohito, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Tse Tung. Reasonable estimates claim that these five men are responsible for the deaths of 50 million to 250 million people. Most European and American whites, Jews, and Asians born after 1945 owe their existence to the policies, passions, perversions, and the politics of these five men.

What about the children caused by divorce? In the Old Testament of the Bible, God says: “I hate divorce. ” God calls divorce a sin, just as He considers rape or slavery a sin. I can’t say how he prorates them, but they are all sin. In the New Testament, Jesus allowed divorce for the commission of adultery. Still, most American divorces are not about adultery, they are about selfishness and ‘personal freedom. ’ The children created in second or third marriages should not exist. I do not say this as a finger-pointer (I am twice-married ), but the same rules applies to everyone. If we examine anyone’s family tree, we will find something between them and Adam and Eve that would exclude them from a “proper lineage. ”

The point is: if we base our right to exist on the ability of other people to always do the right thing, we’re all sunk. While my parents and both sets of grandparents were married, I’m sure that somewhere between me and Adam and Eve are several sins and several circumstances that make me a bastard. Look at Jesus Christ. On his mother’s side, Jesus was a Jew descended from Leah, a woman that Jacob was tricked into marrying. Jesus also had a foremother named Rahab, who was a prostitute. If everyone had done everything right, He would not have been born. What did God think of him? When Jesus was baptized, God spoke from the sky and said, “This is my beloved son, with whom I am very pleased.”

So, if you know you were conceived outside of wedlock, you’re equal with every other mortal walking the planet today. But you may ask, ‘If everyone is illegitimate, why does God still say no to sex outside of marriage?’

God says no to sex outside of marriage because of the negative effects it has on people. It affects:

  • The children created
  • The people having sex
  • Other family members
  • Our social structure
  • Our economic system

In the next section, we’ll explore how sex outside of marriage harms people. While we love the babies that sex makes, we need to understand how harmful non-marital sex is.

See you at Part 2

Eric Rose 2011